Friday, June 16, 2017

Re-purposed Qor Tin Watercolor Palette #Watercolor #DIYWatercolorPalette #PaintedTin

This is another tin I decorated and set up as a travel palette for some of my watercolors.  The tin originally came with tubes of Qor Watercolors, which I've long since used up.  The tin is large enough to hold 14 full pans of paint, a pen, a waterbrush, a small natural sea sponge and a small water bottle.

The lid has embossed circles which create slight wells for mixing paint on the inside and bumps on the outside.  I decided to turn the bumps into seashell.

Golden's Micaceous Iron Oxide acrylic is great for getting a gritty, sandy look so I went with acrylic to paint this lid.  I did light sanding, but skipped applying gesso and went straight for the acrylic paint.  I used the Iron Oxide, Cobalt Teal, Green Gold, Buff Titanium and Titanium White.

Ginger Horse #ZentangleInspiredArt #FountainPen #PenAndInk

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