Koi Fish Studies #Watercolor #Yupo @LegionPaper @Hahnemühle_USA

In watercolor class we painted Koi fish.  I did one a Hahnemühle watercolor postcard, to used for hubby's lunch bag.

The second one, I painted on Yupo, which is an interesting paper to paint on.  In essence, the paint never soaks into the paper.  Even now, days later, I could take a wet rag to the paper and wipe off all the paint.

The upside to this is that mistakes are very easy to correct and you can start over at any time, if you wish.  The downside is that you can't really glaze.  When you try to paint over what you've already painted, you end up lifting more paint than you put down.

You can get around that - somewhat - but you end up with sort of a plastic-wrapped look. It's fun, but I would want to do it all the time.

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There was a Bali Starling in Hubby's Lunch Bag today.  In 2001, there were only six of these birds left in the wild.  Conservation efforts have increased the number since then, but they are still critically endangered.

The rest was done with Winsor & Newton Davys Grey and Lukas Paynes Gray & Burnt Umber Watercolors on a Hahnemühle Watercolor Postcard.

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Superb Fairy Wren - Art for Hubby's Lunch Bag @Hahnemühle_USA @ZebraPenUS #Birdmas

Today, Hubby got a Superb Fairy Wren in his lunch bag. They hale from Australia and Tasmania, where they live in groups of 3 or 4, and share equally in raising their chicks
The darkest values and outlines were done with Zebra Pen Sarasa Fineliners. The rest was done with Schmincke Watercolors on a Hahnemühle Watercolor Postcard.

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Lilac-Breasted Roller @Hahnemühle_USA @ZebraPenUS #Birdmas

As you might guess, the Lilac-Breasted portion of this bird's name comes from its bright lilac-colored breast.  The ‘roller’ portion  comes from their mating dance. They put on aerial displays, diving and rolling in the air.  They are found in the sub-Saharan Africa and the southern Arabian Peninsula.

I had intended to do a full color drawing, but had to people to see, places to go.  I was doing the initial blocking in of the background with a purple fineliner pen, and thought - it looks kind of neat with just the purple and hints of blue.  So, biven my time-constraints, I decided to just leave it as it is.  I may color in more later, but I haven't decided.

I also took advantage of the fact that Sarasa Fineliners are not water-proof.  This means you can get a water-color effect with them, by laying down the colors and wetting them with a brush. For the bird, I did layers of coloring with the pens and wetting, then layering again.

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For Doodlewash December watercolor challenge-Candy Cane.

Schmincke Vermilion Light & Phthalo Sapphire  & Winsor Newton Davy's Gray in Hahnemühle A5 Watercolor book. Adapted from a photo on Pixabay 

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European Robin Fun and Easy Landscape Step-out #FunAndEasyLandscape #Step-out #Zensations @ZebraPenUS @Hahnemühle_USA

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If you are looking for the Taste of Zensations Zebra Pens giveaway, you can find it here.
In the U.S. the Cardinal is associated with the holidays so I did a step-out for that bird last week.  I'm told that the European Robin is the holiday bird for the U.K. so that's what I did this week.

I suspect it will give some of you trouble because you'll fuss with getting that first egg shape at the right angle and getting the head the right size.  Try not to do that (but you're probably like me, and you will, lol).

It's more important to get a feeling for how all the parts go together first.  Once you feel a little more comfortable with all the steps - that's when you want to start working on sizes and angles.  It's a bit like following a map.  If you have a general idea of the route and what you are looking for at the end, it's much easier to follow the directions.

I put t…