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I could have added another step or two to this step-out and done a border and some of the interior design, but I wanted you to see the bare bones.  And then to experiment.  Add little triangles, loop-de-loops, crosses, circles.  See what happens.

As you can see in the variations, your grove can consist of three or four trees in a fairly small forest, or you can expand and build a forest that takes up a whole section of the page.

In its bare bones version, Grove is a good background detail that adds some interest without stealing the show from your focus.  It isn't likely to be your main focus, but add some detail, and it can become a secondary point of interest.

Be careful about adding too much detail to your Grove, if it is directly behind your main focus.

This drawing done with Zebra Sarasa Fineliners on Hahnemühle Watercolor Postcard
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The winner of the Hahnemühle Tiles has been contacted

The winner has been contacted.  If you entered last weeks giveaways for a tin of Hahnemühle Tiles, please check your email.

I want to thank everyone who entered and remind them that I'll be holding giveways for the next 7 weeks, including two more for Youtangle.Art tiles.  This week I'm giving away a block of Hahnemühle Cézanne Watercolor paper.

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The Hahnemühle YouTangle.Art tin giveaway ends tonight! If you haven't already entered, you can find it here.
Recently Hahnemühle sent me an amazing number of fine art papers for reviews and giveaways.  This is the second of eight giveaways planned.  Today's subject is their Cézanne Cold Pressed Watercolor Block.  The giveaway is international.  Entry information is waaay down the page after the review.  Please consider visiting their Facebook page or website to learn more about their wonderful line of products. 

No. of Sheets-10Size-24 x 32 cm/9.4 x 12.6 inBound-Glue & Webbing to ensure flatness when wet Paper:
Color-Natural WhiteWeight-300 gsm/140 lb.Type-Matt/Cold-pressed/Grain FinContent-100% Cotton RagMould-madeacid free  lightfastage resistantsurface-sized Suitable for wet painting techniques: watercolour – especially glazing – lavis, gouache, tempera and acrylic.
Look & Feel
Hahnemühle Watercolour Blocks are both glued and gauzed on all four sides with …

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If you are here for the Hahnemühle YouTangle.Art tin  giveaway, you can enter here.

With this example, I was testing Hahnemühle's Cézanne Cold Press watercolor paper for granulation, lifting of color and resistance to overworking... how did it do?  Check tomorrow's review (and giveaway that starts on Sunday) to find out!

I was also testing out Zebra's Brush pen to see how it held up to working on watercolor paper.  That review will be coming in the near future.

Fun & Easy Landscapes step-outs, step-wiselys or step-by-steps are posted every Friday!

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Zebra Pens Inktober Giveaway-A Zensations Pen kit given away each week in October At the end of each week, Zebra pens will select a winner to receive their new Zensations line of products…

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